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Welcome to The Minute Music Machines temporary website.  
     ​As you can see,  we are still under Construction on
                          our permanent home​.

If you are visiting this site at this time, you are either ​​a Member of a Band, Musical Group, Solo Performer or
       ​an invited quest for any number of reasons.

                  We are registering BANDS 

Please go to our prototype website for complete Details​​​

Safety Avenue
Safety Avenue
        Have you ever seen a  Missing person "Flyer" from the Police                           Department taped to a telephone pole or bus bench? 

           How about a Police helicopter broadcasting ​​the identatey
                 of a missing child as it flys over the neighborhood​? ​

                             In 2015, is the best we can do?​​


 ​      With  Safety  We will have a System in place where we ​can get a comprehensive detailed profile
 of the missing person in the hands of the Authorities and
                 Concerned  Citizens'  in SECONDS!

  That's right, in Seconds, with our Safety Avenue ​​System.

                  Please go to  Q and A to learn more.

  By the way, there is NO COST what so ever ​​​​ to Register and
  help turn the tide.​

Community Awareness
Community Togetherness

      Welcome to Safety  If you are here at this point in time, you are either
a Future Business Partner, Future Member of the Safety Avenue Team or an invited Guest.  Always remember the Goal of Safety Avenue is to  quickly Find our Seniors and the little Children who wonder off