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Welcome to The Minute Music Machines temporary website.  
     ​As you can see,  we are still under Construction on
                          our permanent home​.

If you are visiting this site at this time, you are either ​​a Member of a Band, Musical Group, Solo Performer or
       ​an invited quest for any number of reasons.

                  We are registering BANDS 

Please go to our prototype website for complete Details​​​

Safety Avenue
Safety Avenue
              Have you ever seen a Missing person "Flyer"
​ from the Police Department taped to a telephone pole or
                               bus ​bench? 

      How about a Police helicopter broadcasting ​​the identity
       of a missing child as it fly's over the neighborhood​? ​

                  In 2015, is the best we can do?​​

Community Awareness
Community Togetherness
A Webhaten Project c
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           before you proceedt.
Thank You
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San Diego County Chapter
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Global Vidapied Network c