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Welcome to The Minute Music Machines temporary website.  
     ​As you can see,  we are still under Construction on
                          our permanent home​.

If you are visiting this site at this time, you are either ​​a Member of a Band, Musical Group, Solo Performer or
       ​an invited quest for any number of reasons.

                  We are registering BANDS 

Please go to our prototype website for complete Details​​​

Safety Avenue
Safety Avenue
              Have you ever seen a Missing person "Flyer"
​ from the Police Department taped to a telephone pole or
                               bus ​bench? 

      How about a Police helicopter broadcasting ​​the identity
       of a missing child as it fly's over the neighborhood​? ​

                  In 2015, is the best we can do?​​

Community Awareness
Community Togetherness
A Webhaten Project c
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San Diego County Chapter
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Global Vidapied Network c
​                         A 60 second video clip of any subject.

                                    Vidapied" *

Seven, 60 second ​​​videos of like or different topics all connected
          ​together for your viewing pleasure and convenience.​  
Welcome to the Twenty First Century Revolution in                                  Video Entertainment *
 Please play the short Audio that "cover the basics" 
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 * The "Cyberbug" EVERYONE Loves ! C
                                  Mission Statement ​​

            The "Webhatten Project" is a group of U.S. Veterans  ​between the
           ​ ages of 71 and 87 years of age who have come out of retirement to
              ​Create Jobs and tackle certain Social Issues. We are not out to
                                             ​ find fault or place blame,

                   The Global Vidapied Network is the first Program that
                                      we are rendering operational.  

​ ​​


Webhatten Project.
Privacy in our Lives ......................Confidentially in our Business
*  " We have the Best..........because............ we PAY  the most !t !
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         If you are on your cell phone,
         click the left hand corner to start.​​
Contact Us
1. ............If you are sending us Video Clips

2. .If you are sending us Music Clips

3. you are looking to join our growing Family. 

4. ​​​​​​​​ you are interested in Advertising with us.

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                       Actual Reality c
Vantage Vision c

            ​​Greetings, my name is Chip Champion and I'm a 71 year old Air  Force Veteran, who has come out of retirement, along with other Veterans  ranging in age from 71 to 86 years of age to create Jobs, get some of you in  Optimum  Physical Condition and address certain Social Issues.

           As you can see by the the Photos and Videos, that I, Chip Champion​​,
 is the "Poster Grandpa" for the WEBHATTEN WORKOUT and Spokes ​
 Person for The Webhatten Project in general.​

                         First, I will tell you a little about myself.
                     Second, I'll go over a very basic breakdown of
                                       The Webatten Workout​
                        Third,  I'll cover "The Game Changer"
                       Fourth, Lastly, how you can get involved.

           First of all, we are not trying to find fault or place blame.  We
  believe that ANY exercise and/or weight training is a very good idea.

           "The Webhatten Workout" however is light years ahead of
                          ANYTHING you have ever experience.

​ ​

         ​​  ​​​​
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 ​   Greetings,

    ​We are The WEBHATTEN PROJECT c , a group of United States Veterans,
ranging in age from 71 to 86 years of age, who have come out of retirement
to create Jobs and address certain  Social Issues, such as Webhatten UniversityC  and Adopt a Lady C  to mention the first two we are going to implement.

        The concept that we are offering you is called Actual Reality c with the  product being the Many Vantage Vision View Units' and the ability to sell
                   "Air Time." ( move over Verizon, Sprint, etc.) ​

        Please continue by clicking the bottom of each page to insure                                                             continuity.​​​ 

    The Question you need to ask yourself AFTER you see what we have              in store is NOT who will be our PAYING customers but who won't.




    ​​  ​​
    ​ ​

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